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I previously had an lj under cutthroatxkiss  but got tired of the "emo" name & the "emoness" attached to it.  I'm not that girl anymore; lots have changed in the past year let alone the 5+years when I started the journal.  So here I am on a new journal, trying my best to be a healthier, happier me.  Starting with this journal.  It will be filled with "prettyful" things that I love or that catch my eye.  It will be graphic heavy for the most part so be prepaired.  So if you like decorating, decor, weddings, photography, colors & beautiful things then please add me.  I'd love new friends on top of some old ones.  =)

First my name is Sarah. I have a few nicknames; certain friends call me Cupcake/s & others call me Face. Any of those for work for me.

I love the color pink; like seriously love it. My room is painted in a bright pink Image Hosted by ImageShack.us (tho it is a tad brighter than I wanted). All accents are either pink or brown. Even my non girlie things are pink; like my xbox 360. It has a rare pink & grey faceplate as well as a hard to find pink wireless controller.

Speaking of my xbox; I am a total gamer chick. Not "gamer" as in I play froo froo RPG's or any of the simulated games. I am a FPS kinda person. I've tried playing other games & short of the guitar hero's & Rock Band nothing but first person shooters will do for me. I can't stand RPG's; they lack action. If I can't shoot it then I'm not buying it. Some of my favorite games are Call of Duty: World at War, Gears of War2, Unreal Tournament III & Halo 3. I have met some amazing people on XBL. I play nightly & I am not ashamed to be a gamer.

I love fashion but can't stand spending a lot of money on it. Add to that I'm more on the chubby side than not so that makes it hard to wear Blair Waldorfs' clothes ;). I love Gossip Girl even if it's based off a horrible series of books. I read all the Twilight books just to prove all those 14yr olds wrong who kept telling the world how they should feel about the book; but I ended up loving the story even if the writing was horrid. I enjoyed the movie mainly because of the characters; if you thought the books were written bad don't get me started on a very poorly written screenplay.

I love reading; tho my taste vary on my moods. I love some chick lit; read alot of YA even tho I am an adult. I love the Harry Potter movies but I don't belong to any fanfic crap. I have 2 cats who I love bunches & take far to many pictures of. Panda & Billy.

I love music & my taste changes with my moods as well.  Sometimes I listen to electronic/synth pop stuff.  Other times I'm listening to acoustic things.  In general I keep in the indie genre.

I like to be random & a lot of my entries make no sense.  There are quite a few random thoughts entries or starts to poems or even quotes that floated out of my head. Don't be surprise to see a random entry w/pictures.  I like to have fun & usually can be caught doing it with my 2 best friends or my sister.

For the last 2 -3 year my thoughts have/were consumed by one guy.  He destroyed me yet I still care about him beyond words.  I've never loved a person so much, nor will I ever again love some one that much.

&& lastly I am  a young female trapped in the body of a chubby adult woman lol.  I don't act my age & feel that age is just a number that society uses to try & restrain peoples spirits.  I am as young as I feel.  


Holy Crap Guys!!

I'm ALIVE!!!  Yes I know very exciting for everyone.  Things have been good then they got bad.  That's pretty much where I'm at.  Will & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 6th.  We had a lovely dinner at a chinese buffet and then went grocery shopping, nothing says "i love you" like grocery shopping.

Hope everyone else has been doing well.  I'm gonna be browsing a few of your blogs so I can catch up.
If any of you care about my adventures in redoing our shabby out dated (since 1975) apartment then please check out my Ooh So Shabby blog.  I update at least once a week with a new project that I/we've done. I also will show you some of my thrifty finds and everything is done on a "we is broke" budget.

The Day After

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Mine was rather quiet & small. We weren't able to go to Amanda's this year, which is truly sad since she lives in Ohio again lol.  It's okay tho, cause we were really missing Christmas in KY, oh well.  Those are good memories to cherish.  We watched the kids open our presents on Christmas Eve via XBOX LIVE (gotta love technology).

Christmas Will & I slept a bit later than I wanted but I had stayed up till 4am playing Assassins Creed II (it's actually a gift for DJ but I wanted to finish it first). Mom had gotten up earlier & opened all her gifts alone, this made me sad & a tad bit peeved.  She should have woken us up.  Will & I opened our gifts, then we all had ham and baked beans for lunch.  Later we really did it up.  Ham, baked beans, oven baked macaroni (mom makes the best) and Will made his garlic cheese biscuits, was yum.  The rest of the evening was pretty quiet, with video gaming.

Later in the evening Will gave me my final gift (I don't know why so late).  Then we watched Mystery Men (gift I got him).  I had already received all my gifts 2 days after Thanksgiving, he's horrible at waiting.

My Loot:
  • Grey shirt & sweater shrug/cardigan
  • brown & tan long sweater with belt
  • burnt orange shirt to go under either sweater
  • leg warmers
  • huge banana nut bread candle
  • ring
What I got a month ago for Christmas:
  • Bioshock 2
  • pink fuzzy slippers
  • Ironman 2
  • Photoshop CS5(got that a couple weeks ago)
Earlier in the year mom bought me an Elite 120G HD XBOX 360 for Christmas.  I only got it early because it was super cheap on Ebay, she made it very clear it was a Christmas present.  Yes I am spoiled.

I'd love to know what you all got, so feel free to leave messages.  For anyone who doesn't have LJ you can leave anon. comments just leave your name on it =).

Of course the best gift this year for me was Will & I being able to spend the holidays together for the first time.  Had some great moments.

Favorite Holiday Couple Moments:
  • Holding hands while walking in the snow
  • His big gloved hand holding my small mittened hand (it was cute)
  • Being woken up from a Christmas Eve nap with a kiss & hot chocolate
Now some picturesCollapse )

Like Frosty Would Say...

Wait no no that's that not right.  Silly Frosty.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas day & gets at least 1 or 2 things they wished for.

It Should be Shabby Sunday

I finally finished my shabby jewelry box. I've decided to give it to my niece for Christmas, I really hope she likes it.  This is the 2nd jewelry box I've shabbied.  The first was my grandmothers old jewelry box,  It really didn't fit my room but I couldn't bare to part with it, so I decided to give it a make over.  This particular jewelery box however was a "labor of love" he he he.  Seriously a pain in the butt, when I bought it, it was painted in a dark hunter green.  I started the project back in July & soon became frustrated, it took half a can of primer & a full can of pink spray paint to even get close to half way done.  I ran out of paint & only recently bought more...That being said I was finally able to finish some spots that you could see the green paint through the pink.  Sanded/distressed it some, put the decals on, added the fabric squares, glued the metal decor on the door & FINALLY it is ready.  I really hope my neice likes it, she has loved most of the projects I've done.  I really wish I had taken a before picture to show, but hind sight & all.

Here are the end results:

Sorry if I stretched out your page

I've been crafting

I've been crafting of sorts lately.  I am quite obsessed with shabby chic type things & in general our apartment is decorated to reflect that.  However I hate spending the money on things like that.  Half the stuff we see on ebay is stuff we already have only difference is they spray painted it pink, blue or white & distressed it a bit.  So a while ago I redid my grandmothers jewelry box & loved the results so much I thought I'd do another one, but man do you know how hard it is to find older jewelry boxes??  Finally got my hands on two & have been working on one for awhile now.  Mainly I rain out of spray paint & couldn't finish it. Well tonight I got inspired to turn 2 tins into shabby containers for our bathroom.  What do you think?


AFTER...That's the Jewelry box I'm working on.  It was a dark hunter green when I bought it.

Close up...It turned out pretty nice I think.  It will hold make up & hair stuffs, Help with the clutter in a very small bathroom

& I Don't Feel Guilty

I am eating potato chips with chocolate frosting and I don't feel a bit of guilt over it lol.

It's a ghetto version of these:
Esther Price Chocolate Covered Mike Sells Potato Chips.  If you aren't from Ohio I don't know how familiar you would be with this item.  Esther Price & Mike Sells are businesses in Dayton, Esther was a famous chocolatier here.  Anyways my ghetto version is a dip of frosting in my mouth so the chocolate is melted on my tongue then a chip LOL.  I'm such a loser oh well, it's clearly nearing that time of the month for me.

It's All True


I'm Done...

So I went to the appointment with the psychiatrist...I don't know how it went, I guess I'll know when I get a letter from social security.  I can say I felt like shit after the 2hr long appointment.  After my uncle took Will & I to the Walmart so we could return a portable heater & buy some groceries for the week.  I feel like a sponge it's raining so hard right now.  So after a morning of over stimulation I am D O N E!! I am in need of a nap a really long restorative nap.

Until then I'm bored so I will torture you:

* Outfit:
skinny jeans, pink shirt with a hood
* Hairstyle:
currently a hot mess after walking around in the rain
* Jewelery:
nothing other than my nose stud
* Nail color:
no nailpolish.

Do you:
* Cut yourself:
* Lick yourself:
lol not usually
* Whine a lot:
what's a lot exactly?
* Hate a lot of people:
I don't like a lot of people but I wouldn't use the word "hate"
* Have too many friends:
I don't think that is possible
* Want to die:
* Do drugs:
* Wear dark colors:
I do like some black
* Dye your hair:
yes, just did the other day

Have you ever:
* Kissed someone:
* Gotten drunk:
* Worn rainbow:
* Talked on the phone for over 3 hours:
many times
* Left the country:
* Had a party with over 30 people:
* Taken nude pictures:
* Stolen something:
* Caught something on fire:
* Cheated on someone:
* Asked someone out:
* Had a dream, then the next day it happens:
something like that

Last person:
* You touched:
* You talked to:
* You hugged:
Will of course, he gives me hugs like every 10mins <3
* You instant messaged:
I have no idea, I'm never on messenger

Are you:
* Understanding:
* Open-minded:
I try to be
* Arrogant:
I'd like to think not
* Insecure:
* Interesting:
I’d like to think so, haha.
* Hungry:
yes, yet I haven't made anything other than eating a donut.
* Smart:
I think I might be.
* Moody: 
* Childish:
I'm sure I have my moments
* Independent:
* Hard working:
probably not
* Healthy:
mentally?  nevarr!!!1111 physically I am rarely ill.
* Emotional:
haha I've been known to be a tad emotional
* Shy:
* Difficult:
not as difficult as my b/f thinks.
* Attractive:
matter of opinion isn't it?
* Bored easily:
lately it seems so.
* Thirsty: 
* Obsessed:
with redecorating my room
* Angry:
* Sad:
* Happy:
for the most part
* Trusting:
* Ill:
* Talkative:
if I know you
* Ignored:
* Reliable:
* Self-disciplined:
* Sleepy:
barely keeping my eyes open
* Lonely:

* What is your favorite band?:
there isn't one band I love the most, there are many I like.  Bayside, Say Anything, Mayday Parade
* Colour(s)?:
light blue, pink & gray
* Soda?:
I mainly drink water, but I drink Mountain Dew when I do drink soda/pop
* Music?:
* Stores in the mall?:
none, I rarely go to the mall
* Ice cream?:
I love nearly all ice creams.  Right now my favorite is mint
* Candy?:
Boston Baked Beans, Mike & Ikes and Sour Patch Kids
* CD?:
The Emptiness by Alesana
* Cookies?:
white chocolate macadamia
* Holiday?:
* Month?:
Don't really have one

In the last 48 hours:
* Cried?:
* Missed someone?:
* Yelled at someone?:
more than likely
* Changed your underwear?:
* Drove somewhere?:
I did not personally drive
* Talked to someone on the phone?:
* Been online?:
currently so
* Smiled?:
* Had sex?:
umm yes
* Kissed someone?:
* Hugged someone?:

This pain is killing me

It's holiday season which means...Sarah is getting sick.  Add to the fact that our weather in Ohio is unseasonably warm right now.  I mean 60 degrees ?? I know I shouldn't complain & really I'm not but one day it's 40 the next it's 60.  My sinuses are acting up + I have a cold.  I'm on a caffeine & sugar high.

So right now this is my head: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ahhh make it go away.



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